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Dr. Josh Bletzinger Functional Medicine 

"In just 48 hours, I filled my entire live event. I made $20k from $483 in ad spend. Just follow her program. She's awesome."

Delyanne Barros The Money Coach

"Nathalia's coaching  completely changed my life. "

2022 UPDATE: Just Had a $125k Course Launch!

Craig Proctor Real Estate Coach

Nathalia helped me take my entire business online. We now have a funnel where we're selling a $10K coaching program.

Lisa Mullis Copy + Branding

"Nathalia goes above and beyond ads and is SO generous with her coaching. I'm so thrilled with the F.A.S.T.™ Program!"

Pam Obasa Storytelling Coach

"One of the BEST investments I've made in my business.  Thank you so much for the strategies and your support."

Andreas Becker Business Coach

"I spent $1,423 and made $54,000 in the past 3 months with more clients in my pipeline. Really happy with my results!"

Patrick Di Cesare Financial Coach 

"I made probably in my first two launches 10 times the amount of money that I invested into this course. So it was a great investment for me." 

[Update: Made $16k with a $497 course and 2 launches.]

Karla Pizzica Organic Marketer

"I sold out my mentorship in 2 weeks after learning the strategies inside F.A.S.T.™. She's freaking amazing, do it!"

Barbara Decker Recovery Advocate

"I'm focused because F.A.ST.™ took all the guesswork out of launching. 

[UPDATE: $20k Webinar Launch!]

Heidi Brockmyre Fertility Coach 

"I've had the best month yet and I had reached that six figure mark - now positioned to actually scale, which is what my goal was."

Henry Chen Chat Marketing Specialist

"Her program is amazing & more than anything, just how much Nathalia truly cares about you, your business & your success." 

Hinda Esa Pilates + Yoga Teacher

"From complete newbie to $0.30 leads on my email list!!

Launch Results: $14k On Her 1st Course Launch!

Alli Williams Money Expert 

"The stress & anxiety has been lifted. I felt more confident & got more clarity.  I highly recommend taking the leap."

Ingrid Arna Business Coach

My income is growing, my reach is growing. Working with Nathalia has literally been life-changing."

Bree Kuryk Human Design Coach

"I started from ZERO. Now, I’m growing my list faster than I ever imagined! I’m completely blown away with my results!"

Valentina Gancia Pre-Natal Nutritionist 

"It was the best decision and investment ever. In just 4 days, I have 140 new leads and I made back 100% of my ad spend with my quick-win offer. "

Kasey Reid Brand/Web Designer

"F.A.S.T. Academy is really a package blueprint  on how to create, navigate & find success in your online business." 

Rebecca + Michael Career Coach

"We were nervous about the investment (since we were just getting started) but it has been 100% PERCENT WORTH IT!

Definitely Recommend it!"

Gina Yeo Award Winning Photographer 

"Nathalia has taught me the exact roadmap that I needed to build a strong foundation in my business and start to actually see results."

Jannese Torres-Rodriguez Money & Business Coach

"Using the tools that I learned in this course, I was able to  launch my first webinar, make $25,000 of sales in 3 days."

Kelly Farrell Life & Mindset Coach

"I hit the gold mine in discovering Nathalia. She showed me the numbers. Now my launches are always a win."

Danielle Thomas Yoga Instructor 

"I've made tremendous improvements in just three months and I feel completely confident about the next step."

Deshone Drummond Auto Advisor

"Nathalia is a class act. She is seriously invested in the success that we were going to create. You got to work with her." [LAUNCH RESULTS: $22k in 30 days]

Laresa Acevedo Career Coach for Women in STEM

"Nathalia knows what she's doing. She could charge way more but I'm grateful that she has done this because that way I can afford it, I can learn from it and scale from it."

Clo Bare Investing Coach

"I'm halfway through the course but I already put up a $35k launch. If you're thinking about a coach, this program's insane."

Amirra Condelee Pediatric Occupational Therapist

This launch was HUGE for me compared to my  1-1 client work. The gold is in the guidance." 

[RESULTS: $7500 in her first launch]

Will Medina Destination Weddings Expert

"I launched a high ticket offer and within the day, I had a $16K result.  Thank you Nathalia and thank you F.A.S.T. for helping me scale my business with a killer retargeting strategy."

Hillary Wolfe Licensed Veterinarian

"The day of the launch, every time I would see a sale - I wanted to start crying! No words to explain the happiness I felt that day."


Pre-Sold 21 spots into her course]

Marc Russell Personal Finance Coach

"This course should be a prerequisite for those who want to start monetizing their page. Thank you for all your help and expertise, the course has paid dividends."


$30K in his first launch.]

Victoria McGruder Certified Public Accountant

This program has helped me align more with my mission  through creating a system in my business and the importance of client journey .

Annette Grant & Sarah Karakaian AirBnb Hosts & Real Estate Investors

"Understand the power of data over drama and Nathalia really drove that home for us. There's a sense of calm to just plug in the numbers to know if we are on track or if not, we've got tools to deploy."

[RESULTS: From rollercoaster income months to consistent $50k months in 6 months.]

Créde Sheehy-Kelly High Performance Psychologist

"You can come in with zero knowledge (like I did) and  still see results. It helped save so much time and fast track my launch. Nathalia's training is simple and straightforward - it's  the answer to your overwhelm."

Melissa Jean Baptiste Career Coach

"My goal was to start having $10k months in my business...30 days after joining, I grew my email list by 6000+, made $22,231 with my career coaching course & quit my 9-5!"

[LAUNCH RESULTS: $22k in her first launch.]

Daniel McDonald  Real Estate Investing

"This program does a really great job at giving you a clear roadmap and understanding and that's why it worked out so well for me."

Alexis Tchuise Travel Blogger

"The F.A.S.T. Academy™ is a game changer. Nathalia is an expert. She took me from being frozen by confusion and overwhelm. I went from being stuck, not doing anything and making zero sales to launching and making $7500 in my very first launch. "

Ashley Chatman  Fitness Coach

"This program helped me with data. I am a lot more clear now on my numbers and my analytics."

Tess Waresmith  Financial Educator

"After going through just half the lessons, I ended up over doubling my revenue and had back to back $4000 months with very little effort. I work full time so I don’t have a ton of time to put into it."

[UPDATE: Tess has now made over $14k within 3 months of joining the program]

Jamie Brindle  Film Producer

"Using a webinar as a sales engine technique converts a lot more. Nathalia gets some of the blame why our launch was a success. I'm so grateful for the experience. That alone makes it worth it. 

[LAUNCH RESULTS: 15% conversion rate, $98k on his first launch]

Jamie Silva  Food Blogger

"I didn't realize how effortless it felt to make $25,000 in a matter of days just by doing a webinar. I highly recommend The F.A.S.T. Academy™. Nathalia is your go-to-girl. "

[LAUNCH RESULTS: $25k on her first launch]

Gaby Smith  Lawyer & Business Coach

"It was incredible just to receive all the tools, the tips, the strategies to get to this point as fast as possible. This program has saved me so much time. Thank you, Nathalia."


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