Are You Ready To Turn Passion Into Profits With 
The F.A.S.T. Academy™?

Get The All-In-One System That Delivers Ready-To-Buy Clients To Your Virtual Doorstep

There are entrepreneurs who hustlE every day, post non-stop online but are still staring at single digit sales.  and then, there are those who launch f.a.s.t.™ and see massive success without the struggle. 

Ask Yourself...


You learned how to D.I.Y. your website, maybe set up an email list, and create content. Now you're hustling through every referral unsure of where your next (or first!) sale is coming from.


You need a system to get quality clients on demand, but the thought of figuring it out alone has got you s.t.r.e.s.s.i.n.g.

You type #livingmybestlife on Instagram when, in reality, you're living day-to-day buried in your laptop, scared of becoming...

  • Another statistic
  • Another wantrepreneur
  • Another "didn't make it"


Everywhere you look, people are posting about hitting their 6 + 7-figure income goals with identical offers to you, charging twice the price for half the quality.

I get it.

I spent 12 months learning how to blog, email, pin, tweet, livestream, with little results before focusing on the one thing successful entrepreneurs really need to make bank.

Figure it out alone?
That's When D.I.Y. Becomes W.T.F.

Listen up... it's not your fault.

You tried. Everything. TWICE. You watched a bunch of YouTube videos and visited free Facebook groups to "learn" a mashup of tips + tricks that ::gasp:: didn't work. 

You bought a "course" that taught the how-to but was missing the " it for my specific business"

This freedom lifestyle business has failed you. And these gurus are making it wayyy harder than it needs to be. Go live every day on Facebook? Post daily on IG Stories? Create a new offer every quarter? ::yikes::

You need help + strategies that won't burn through your entire budget.

But guess what?

That random guy on Youtube posting in front of his rented lambo...  


Your Time is Now. 

If You're Finally Ready To...

  • Sell out your online courses
  • Fill your webinars, masterminds, events
  • Book Out Your Coaching Programs
  • Turn Followers Into Paying Clients
  • Get More Clients For Your 1-1 Services

...without the 24/7 nonstop hustle... 

Then, it's time to leverage the secret weapon of F.A.S.T.™ so that you can fire your boss, retire your spouse and create the impact you dream of.

Because you're SO DONE being chained to your laptop
14 hrs/day figuring it out alone.


...hours wasted piecing together blog posts.
...falling down the You
tube rabbit hole.
...being stuck in procrastination and overwhelm.

Just imagine...

  • Celebrating your first (or next) 6-figure launch while relaxing on a hammock in Bali.
  • Saying #BYEFELICIA to that nightmare client because you have a full waitlist to choose from.
  • Serving clients that sing your praises, love your offers and gladly pay TOP dollar for your expertise.

Freedom. Flexibility. Fulfillment.

Check. Check. Check.

Oh, and let's add a few more digits to your bank account balance while we're at it.

The F.A.S.T. Academy™ is the quickest path to focusing on what lights you up inside. It'll save you time, money + your sanity through any business launch.



Imagine Being My Next Success Story...

"$20,000 from just $483 of ad spend on my very first try at launching!" 

Not even 48 hours in and I've surpassed my numbers from the previous 4 months! The F.A.S.T. Method is an absolute GEM. Just listen to Nathalia, follow the program, it works!

Josh Bletzinger
Functional Medicine |

$90k launches are the new normal. Now I'm going to reach financial independence by the time I'm 40!"

“I started from absolute scratch with just an idea. In 5 months, I had my first $10k month and in less than a year, I had two $90k webinar launches selling a $397 digital course. I can't believe this is real life!

Delyanne Barros
Attorney + Money Coach | IG: @DelyanneTheMoneyCoach

Allow Me To Introduce...

The F.A.S.T. Academy™

The One-And-Done System that will teach you how to leverage your passion + skills into profits.  Create an amazing offer that converts (even if you're just starting out!)

The LAST program you'll ever need to grow your email list on autopilot, with 'Ready To Buy' clients... right now (not "12-months-from-now")

Premium access to the fast lane of getting visible, getting paid, and getting profits in your business.

  • Eliminate guesswork with ONE clear + proven framework to apply #ByeOverwhelm

  • Learn How To Create Offers + Pre-sell, Pre-Qualify + Generate nonstop sales

  • Get live hands-on support with a "Do-It-Together" Approach so that you can stop struggling to figure it out alone

Strategy + COMMUNITY + Live Support  

a helluva lot more sales!




Here's why you should trust me...

With over 15 years of business and marketing experience, I became an entrepreneur wayyy before Gary V made it cool. I worked with top digital marketing agencies globally, managed over $10 million dollars in ad spend, and served MAJOR clients (like a little search engine that rhymes with "oogle").

When I Speak Social was created - I myself quickly became overwhelmed with doing #allthethings you see gurus teaching online. It wasn't until I focused on creating one clear F.A.S.T. journey that everything changed. THIS is what took me from being exhausted and struggling to having dream clients coming straight to my 'virtual' doorstep. 

"I need a system with more quality clients reaching my offer" is the #1 thing businesses struggle with. I battle-tested the best and worst strategies...for years.

Lots of success, some failures, millions of dollars in trial + error. Can I save you from those growing pains? Skip the line with all of my best strategies, systems + tools, perfectly packaged inside The F.A.S.T. Academy™.

Ready to become my next success story? I can't wait to meet you inside!

xo, Nathalia

Peek Inside F.A.S.T.™

Module 1: M.A.S.T.E.R. Funnels

Who needs 50+ strategies and over 100+ hours of video? ::YIKES:: I'll teach you how to simplify and create ONE M.A.S.T.E.R. funnel that keeps you focused, profitable and fits your business + lifestyle.

You Will Get:

  • Proven 7-Step Roadmap
  •  Your Freedom Number
  • Create Magnetic Messaging That Sells

Module 2: Amazing “Sold-Out” Offers

Uncover your unique superpower and design an imitation-proof offer. You'll learn my "Validate THEN Create" Method so that you never create another offer that won't sell. It's time to amplify your genius and RISE to the top of your niche. 

You Will Get:

  • Competitor Analysis
  • Uncover Your Superpower
  • Package Your First (or next!) Sold-Out Offer

Module 3: YOUR SAles Engine

Learn how to build a customer journey that prequalifies your audience so that followers turn into actual paying clients.

Plus! Get my $10k Sales Script + Sales Page Secrets (previously only shared with my VIP 1-1 clients).

You Will Get:

  • Ultimate Sales Script
  • Blueprint of Best Buyer Journeys
  • Sales Page Secrets

Module 4: Turn On Traffic

Choose your ADventure so that you can get nonstop traffic on autopilot (without selling your soul on social media). Use my $5/day "Get Famous" strategy to instantly create that "omg-she's-everywhere" effect. We'll also cover free marketing strategies if you're not quite ready for ads. 

You Will Get:

  • Traffic Secrets
  • Omnipresence Retargeting
  • Audience on Autopilot

Module 5: Engineer the Tech

We take a low-tech approach with the EASIEST tech set up available today for online business. I'll show you all my favorite tools (options for every budget!). Say goodbye to endless hours searching google trying to figure out what tech tools you need. 

You Will Get:

  • Low Tech, EASY Setup
  • Implementation Hacks That Multiply Your Time
  • Automation Skills To Save You Time + Money

Module 6: Right The CoNTENT

The 3 C's of Copywriting: Content + Copy + Creative. Learn persuasion strategies that work with the (3) powerful pieces of content you'll need to succeed. Use our templates to write your emails, sales pages and social media content - because CEO's don't start from scratch! 

You Will Get:

  • Expert Copy Hooks
  • M.V.P. Content Blueprint
  • How To Multiply Content Like a Pro

Module 7: F.A.S.T.™ Results

You can fast track your success and launch in just 60 days. The path to a profitable online business no longer looks like matrix code and now you're ready to scale to 6-figures + beyond, where consistent profits happen predictably. 

You Will Get:

  • How To Decode Your Numbers
  • Scaling Your Wins
  • Systems To Stay Sane

Minimal Time  

Maximum Results.

I get it. You're busy. Less is more.

That's why I've built a program based on QUALITY, not overwhelming quantity.

In the time it takes to binge half a season of ::insert your fav Netflix show:: you could be FLOODING your business with your ideal clients instead.

Can I Over Deliver For You

With Some

Amazing Bonuses?

  • BONUS #1: 
    Hiring Like a Boss: Ready to make your first hire? I'll give you my exact system for hiring + Managing my team to you can automate + delegate. 
  • BONUS #2: 
    “Done For You” Webinar Launch: Get canva ready webinar slides + email templates to create your webinar in a weekend!
  • BONUS #3: 
    Digital Course Hacks - Want to see behind the scenes on how I create my online courses? get insider access on how i build my digital products. 
  • BONUS #4: 
    Emails That Convert: After sending 1.1 million emails in 2 years, I'm sharing my best performers for you to use as a "plug and play" template. 

Get face time with a Professional Launch Strategist...(that's me)

Live Coaching + Q&A

No more information overload or getting stuck! You get LIVE group coaching - hosted on Zoom - with access to my 15+ years of business experience. Look over my shoulder as I give you tailored support to workshop any business challenges you have. 

Ready to be my next F.A.S.T.™ Success?

"The BEST investment I've ever made in my business!" 

I'm not only getting $1 leads into my email list but I'm fully booked every week! I was able to hire a team member and I'm profiting $3 for every $1 I invest into my business marketing strategy. So worth it!

Lisa Cheetham

“My income is growing, my reach is growing..."

It’s been literally life changing. I cannot say enough about this F.A.S.T.™ Program and about the level of Nathalia's work. F.A.S.T.™ is the top training online around ads. Just hit the buy button and I'm sure that you're going to feel exactly like I do.

Ingrid Arna

"We moved my entire multi-million dollar business from offline to online - we'll never go back to the way things were!" 

When COVID-19 hit, we had to shut down all of our in-person conferences that was the heart of our marketing for our multi-million dollar business.

Her trainings helped me and my team move my entire business online with a webinar funnel and sales training. We couldn’t have done it without Nathalia - She’s the real deal!

Craig Proctor
Real Estate Coach |

right This Way to consistent sales + profits...

I'm in! What's My Investment?


The F.A.S.T. Academy™

You'll Get...

F.A.S.T. Academy™ HD Trainings

($2,997 Value)

EASY Tech Vault 

($1997 Value)

Private Mastermind Group 

($2,997 Value)

Live Coaching Calls

($2,997 Value)

Templates, Scripts,

Cheat Sheets

($2,250 Value)

+ (4) Pay-In-Full Bonuses

When you join, you get OVER $14,238 of VALUE for just....



+ get a 'pay-in-full' bonus in full and You'll get FOUR BONUSES: Hiring like a boss, digital course hacks, done-for-you webinars + emails that convert.

REAL Results From F.A.S.T.™ Members

"Nathalia went above + beyond! She's AMAZING!"

I tried everything...YouTube videos, another course, free FB Groups, the FB support forum. It was still so difficult to understand. With F.A.S.T.™, I got better conversions and the group support I needed. HIGHLY recommend!

Katrina Young

“I made $54,000 in sales after investing in F.A.S.T.™ - wonderful results!"

“I was frustrated and had such poor results in the past. After joining F.A.S.T.™, I spent $1,423 in ads in the last 3 months and made $54k back. Plus, more future clients waiting for me in my pipeline!  

Andreas Becker

Hold up, it's time for a #realitycheck
Are These 3 Myths Holding You Back From Success?

  • Myth #1
  • Myth #2
  • Myth #3

I can learn this on my own for free.

It's true. The best things in life are free. But the best business advice online is definitely not!

Self-proclaimed gurus on YouTube or cheap, outdated courses with no support will give you headaches, not help. You get a few pieces of the puzzle but never get to see the whole picture. Freebies can only take you so far. Join F.A.S.T.™ and let's get you to the finish line.

For You?

Your success is my success.

I want everyone inside F.A.S.T.™ to achieve amazing results!

But first, let's make sure you're a good fit for my program.

This is for you if...

  • You sell 1:1 Services, Courses, Coaching, host live events and/or sell digital information products
  • You're ready to invest in a proven system that brings you better clients automagically 
  • You solve a problem in the world and care about helping others

Not for you if...

  • You have no business idea and no way to help others solve a problem
  • You don't have at least $5/day to invest in your business
  • You just want to "check it out" and have zero intentions to


Fast Forward...
1 year from Today

you can stay where you are now. 

Say "[insert B.S. excuse holding you back]...before I can invest in my future"

You can keep hustling to get every new client. Memorize the name of the last person who subscribed to your email list. Spend hours blogging, podcasting, pinning and posting.

Know that you're 10x better than many of the other coaches, course creators, copywriters, experts, authors, biz consultants or industry leaders out there getting INSTA-famous... but you stay invisible.

What's Behind
Door #2?

You commit to taking F.A.S.T.™ action, trust yourself and use the next few weeks to grow your business by leveraging funnels + ads like a PRO.  A year from today you could be getting media features, be fully booked, have an email list that triples in size each month, and be the Go-To Authority in your niche.

It's time to stop playing small and see real results.

THIS is your time.

I'm in! What's My Investment?


The F.A.S.T. Academy™

You'll Get...

F.A.S.T. Academy™ HD Trainings

($2,997 Value)

EASY Tech Vault 

($1997 Value)

Private Mastermind Group 

($2,997 Value)

Live Coaching Calls

($2,997 Value)

Templates, Scripts,

Cheat Sheets

($2,250 Value)

+ (4) Pay-In-Full Bonuses

When you join, you get OVER $14,238 of VALUE for just....


1-time payment 

+ get a 'pay-in-full' bonus in full and You'll get FOUR BONUSES: Hiring like a boss, digital course hacks, done-for-you webinars + emails that convert.


Risk-Free Guarantee

On the fence? That's a dangerous place to be if you want real results!

Here's the deal...I know the F.A.S.T. Academy™ works. I eat, breathe and sleep this stuff and I'm obsessed with your success. Let me remove 100% of the risk.

You have a 30-Day NO-RISK GUARANTEE to go through F.A.S.T.™, download everything and attend the live workshop. If you try The F.A.S.T. Academy™ and it doesn't work for you, I'll provide extra coaching to help you launch or issue you a 100% refund if I decide I can't help you launch successfully. That's how much I believe in The F.A.S.T.™ Academy and in you - I take all the risk away so you're left with ZERO excuses.

Get the FAQ's

How is The F.A.S.T. Academy™ different?

The F.A.S.T. Academy™ is not a basic overview of "tips & tricks" you'll find easily on Google. 

This is specifically for Coaches, Consultants, Course Creators, Freelancers, Authors and Service Based Business Owners looking to launch in a stress-free way. It gives you a clear path, from start to finish that will help you avoid overwhelm, shiny object syndrome and paralysis analysis. 

It leaves no student behind! There's live group coaching to make sure you don't get stuck and can take action quickly....custom solutions for you unique situation...and because sometimes, you just need to hear a real, live voice to know you're on the right track!

No "in-theory-this-should-work" fluff. I actually use every strategy inside The F.A.S.T. Academy™ for myself and my private clients. 

You get all the pieces, in the right order with zero confusion.

How long will it take to see results?

I value quality over quantity. There are some students who see results within 48 hours of launching.

The F.A.S.T. Academy™ allows you to create (or improve) your offer, grow your audience without nonstop posting and make sales as soon as you launch.

You don't need 40+ hours of videos to see results - you need a clear framework and support to help you implement from start to finish. 

If you're just getting started in your business and can join the "fast track", you can be fully launched in 60 days.

How do I know if The F.A.S.T. Academy™ is right for me?

Are you a Coach, Consultant, Course Creator, Freelancer, Author or sell 1:1 services? If that's you - you're in the right place!

The F.A.S.T. Academy™ was made just for you!

You won't have to sift through tons of information that isn't relevant to you with a "guru" that has no idea how it all applies to your unique business. 

This program will help you clarify your marketing message, create a "sold out" offer, choose a sales style that matches your life and attract ideal clients without living on social media 24/7. 

If you're looking for a mentor that's been in your shoes and has over 10+ years of digital marketing + business experience - look no further! 

How Long Do I Have Access To The Academy?

You'll get access to The F.A.S.T. Academy for 1 year when you join today. You'll also get access to live coaching for 3 months (which you can choose to extend via membership at $49/month if you need more support). 

I don't have a website and my offer isn't ready yet. Should I join?

Absolutely YES.

The F.A.S.T. Academy™ can help you build a high-converting offer, clarify your message and nail down your ideal audience. Most beginners try to DIY this process alone, focusing on #allthethings instead of revenue generating activities. 

Join The F.A.S.T. Academy™ and do things one time, the right way, with world-class leadership to take you there. 

How much do I need to spend on ads?

I've worked with entrepreneurs that have implemented this entire system without ANY paid ads. But, with just $10/day, you can start seeing amazing results and get in front of your ideal clients  a lot faster than 100% "free" marketing. 

I'll show you both paths and you can pick what's within your budget. 

What tools do I need? Do I need to be tech savvy?

No, I promise you don't have to be tech savvy to see success inside the The F.A.S.T. Academy™.

I do recommend a landing page builder, like LeadPages and an email provider, like Convertkit. You'll get a full tech stack breakdown inside the program with different options to fit any budget. 

There's also multiple tech trainings (just filmed in 2021) with the most up-to-date trainings available to make it easy to follow (even if you're allergic to tech!). 

Will it work for me?

I'm here to help guide and empower you to make sure that it does.

Most people fail because they lose motivation after months (or years) of struggling alone and not seeing results. Having expert support, in addition to world class training, guarantees you push through the challenges of entrepreneurship. 

If you do the work and trust the process, you will see results!

Still Not Convinced?

Press Play + Listen In To What Our Members Say...

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