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Wouldn't it be nice if your customers ​came to you?

You just found the only "about" page worth reading on the internet.

You want...

More Traffic?

Better Customers?

Ads that work?

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Hi, I'm Nathalia - I help Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Course Creators + Service Providers scale their business and their income with paid traffic.

Referrals, free traffic and word of mouth helped get you started. 

But now you're thinking...

"I have an amazing offer, I just need more people to see it!"

You open Google.

Search "how to get more customers"

15 browser tabs are open now, you fall into the internet rabbit hole, end up at a cat video, then, wait, what was I looking for?

Two hours pass. Oops.

"Shiny Object Syndrome" Strikes.

There's a better way...

Imagine a system that puts your offer in front of the right person at the right time.
No More Time Wasters. 
No More Chasing Customers Who Never Buy.
How would that change your business?

Better Ads

Better Customers

on autopilot

I get it.
You're already so busy hustling with #allthethings involved in running your business. One more "to-do" on your plate sounds damn near impossible. 

but here's the thing...

Can you afford not to invest in ads?

The business truth many people insist on ignoring is that most businesses are built by ‘buying customers.’ That means that if you're restricted to only acquiring new customers through means that deliver a first sale, front end profit, you cannot grow a business quickly. In fact, you probably cannot grow a business at all.” - Dan Kennedy

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Who am I?

Why should you care? 

I am not your guru. ha.

My zone of genius is:

Teaching others how to 

"get it"

Taking complicated, messy things like ads and funnels 

and making it  "paint-by-numbers" easy to understand. 

You can take FAST action and get results.

How did I get here?

In the year 1980, when my mom met my dad in Brazil....(kidding guys...)

I've had my share of jobs that didn't exactly scream "life passion".

English teacher, paralegal, insurance agent. (I'm eclectic, I know.) 

So, about 5 years ago, I went back to school.

 I got accepted into Kings College London for a Masters in International Marketing. Fancy, right?

I studied some pretty cool stuff like consumer behavior, digital marketing and business strategy. 

I wrote a hella long dissertation that maybe 3 people read (including my husband)

and graduated with highest honors

Then, I got offered my dream job and lived happily ever after.


Seriously though. 

No one would hire me. I had 10 years of business experience, 3 degrees from prestigious universities         

and over 30 London marketing agencies turned me down.

The reason? "Lack of experience". 

It was rough...

A friend of mine called and said: 

"The startup I work for is hiring, I got you an interview" 

After four rounds of interviews, lots of meditating (aka - drinking wine) and a starting salary that would pay off my student loans in 87.5 years, I got the job. 

The funny thing? I had no idea what I was doing. At first.

They wanted me to run Facebook ads with a £200k monthly budget and I had never even boosted a post before. 

My first week, the manager who was supposed to train me, quit. And my co-workers were probably pretty annoyed that they hired this American girl who had no idea what she was doing. 

Oh, did I mention it was Christmas and everyone left for the holidays except me?

Just perfect.

It was sink or swim. Much like a lot of business ventures are these days. 

I went into worker bee mode: first to arrive and last to leave. I read everything I could get my hands on. I stayed up nights, weekends, holidays, learning and re-learning a system that even Mark Zuckerberg hadn't really figured out yet. Every week it changed. 

Then something happened...

After months of hard work, I got better at it. A lot better.

I don't know if I reached Malcom Gladwell "10,000 hours of greatness" level. But, I outspent everyone in my department and brought in massive amounts of profits. I got campaigns working that no one else could.          

I promoted in record time.

In less than a year, I was running over £2m in annual ad  spend for Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Instagram across B2B & B2C sectors.

I developed training programs for new hires.

When people had questions related to ads, I was the go-to person for answers. 

Now if months and months to learn Facebook ads sounds like wayyyy too long - 

I agree. 

I'm here to share what I've learned so far so that you can move forward with reaching your goals.

Let's work together to help you grow your business.

About Me:

Brazilian by birth

Raised in Miami

Expat in Singapore

Fluent in English, Portuguese, Spanish & Emoji 😍 


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Imagine This...

Your business, in front of millions of people who can't wait to buy.

The right offer, in front of the right audience, at exactly the right time.
Let's make it happen

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