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Hi! I'm Nathalia. An entrepreneur who thrives on seeing your online business succeed.


Because this isn't just another about page on the interwebs. It's the answer you've been looking for. 

If you want...

To get paid instead of get popular?

Expert Launch Strategy?

Less stress, hustle & overwhelm?

You're in the right place!

I teach you how to sell profitable digital offers to scale your business (and your income) with automation, ads + funnel strategy.

IF You're SO DONE with gurus that have zero business experience...
overpromise but leave you right where you started
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Referrals, organic traffic and word of mouth got you started.

But now you're overworked... fighting for every sale, hustling to get (and keep) every client.

You search Google daily with "how to [question #543 you've had to Google this week]"

20 browser tabs are open as you fall into the internet rabbit hole, listening to a mashup of tips of tricks that go nowhere.

There's a better way...

10 years ago, I started learning marketing + paid ads way before Gary Vee made it cool. I've worked with top digital marketing agencies globally, managing over $10 million dollars in ad spend per year. I've also served MAJOR clients (like a little search engine that rhymes with oogle).




As a military spouse + expat - the corporate ladder doesn't work when you move every two years. I lost promotions, job opportunities, and was constantly stressing about my career path.

I Speak Social was born but I became overwhelmed with learning all.the.things. to create the impact (+ income) I deserved. It wasn't until I focused on leveraging ad  funnels that my entire business changed. 

THIS transformed me from exhausted and struggling to having ideal (paying) clients coming to my virtual doorstep. 

I've battle-tested the best and worst strategies. This.took.years.

Lots of success, some epic failures, millions of dollars spent in trial + error campaigns. 

The good news? I can fast track you right past those growing pains.

Let's work together to build your dream.

Meet Nathalia: 

Brazilian by birth

Raised in Miami

Now Living in Hawaii

Fluent in English, Portuguese, Spanish + Emoji 😍 


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 Showcasing your unique brand of awesome, sell 1 to many instead of 1-1, and create an automated sales engine that lets you have limitless income potential.

One Forever Funnel™ is all you need.
Do it once and it's done. Let's make it happen

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